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Veteran's Day Celebration

NOVEMBER 4 - 11, 2020

Thank you all for your help to make this event a success! We had great student participation in writing notes and coloring sheets from all grade levels! The effort was clearly visible with such thoughtful messages. We are sending some of the notes to the USO office for distribution to troops overseas!


This year due to COVID-19 our Veterans Day celebration will look different. We would like to honor the service and sacrifice of our Veterans and their families by asking students and families to participate in writing thank you notes and/or coloring sheets to be displayed in front of Sunset Hills Elementary School by November 9th. Attached are copies of notes and coloring sheets for you to print off. I would like to ask that all submissions be returned either via drop off or email by NOVEMBER 4th. Also,a Loom powerpoint presentation about Veterans Day is included below.

For on-campus students, the teachers can collect the notes and coloring sheets and put them in the Veterans Day bin located in the front of the school. 

For VLA students and those homeschooling the notes and/or coloring sheets can be either dropped off in the Veterans Day bin in the front of the school, returned in your child's plastic packets or emailed copies to:

Lastly, if our military families would like to take pictures(respecting any OPSEC regulations) in front of the Veterans Day display and share them, please email them to

Thank you for your help in honoring our Veterans. 


Rose Purewal


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