'20-'21 Special Programs

Buddy Program


We are trying to connect returning families with new families to assist these new families in their transition to Sunset Hills Elementary School. Mentor families can help to answer questions about our SHES community, events, contacts, information, and more!  Once we have received enough participants, a member of SHES PTA will reach out to you with your assigned family and details on how and when to connect with them. We hope to create new friendships and continue to build our strong seagulls community! 


Click HERE if interested.

Focus Programs


Perhaps more than any other time, we need people to help where they can.  We asked our teachers how we can best support them during this time.  They responded by asking us to help them in the areas where the PTA has traditionally supported them - art education, science education, physical education, and social activities.


In collaboration with our school administrators, staff and teachers, while keeping in mind the limited time families have, the PTA has decided to put our energies into four main programs this school year.  They are:


  • Art and Music - In lieu of and building upon Art Odyssey, expose students to different art and music forms, artists and musicians while giving them a hands-on experience in related activity during school hours.  Executed virtually.

  • Science - Support school’s expanded Mystery Science curriculum, bringing science to all students.  Volunteers to assemble hands-on science kits for distribution to students to use at home.

  • Physical Education - Involve students in physical activities inside and outside of class hours. e.g. In-class, Online: Go Noodle, Yoga, Karate, Dance Party, gymnastics, etc..  Outside of class: Exercise logs to challenge participants to achieve more consistent, larger goals.  May use rewards like Running Club has in the past.

  • Social Activities - Involve students in virtual social games during school hours. e.g. Simon Says, in-home scavenger hunt, I-Spy, card games, Boggle, etc. 


These programs will run the entire 2020-2021 school year.

You may also E-mail PTA Volunteer Coordinator Paula Culberton at culbertonp@gmail.com with your full name, email address, phone number, preferred program(s) of interest, position(s) of interest, and preferred class and grade level of support.


Questions?  Email Casey (Programs): kcchandc@gmail.com or Paula (Volunteers): culbertonp@gmail.com

We need volunteers to SIGN UP NOW so that we can begin our work.  It does not matter if you have no experience, if you can only help once a month, part of the year, or if you are new to the school.  You can be a relative like a grandparent too.  We need your help.

Volunteer Positions:


  • Chair or Co-Chairs - Responsible for overall development, organization, and execution of the Art/Music, Physical Education, or Social Activities program.  Collaborate with other team members to achieve these goals.

  • Lesson Leaders or Co-Leaders  - Assist in the development of lesson plans.  Select  lesson plans from the list provided by the program to conduct lessons online.

  • Breakout Session/Small Group Facilitators - On as needed basis, assist lesson leaders with implementing small group activities online.

  • Technicians - On as needed basis, using teacher’s Zoom accounts, manage and assist with participants, chat monitoring, breakout rooms, and screen sharing. 

  • Prep Team Member - Assist in the assembly of supply kits for distribution. 


Each class will be served individually by their own set of lesson leaders, facilitators and technicians.  Estimated implementation of 1 to 2 lessons per month.  Each lesson may span 2 class sessions depending on time needed.

Program specifics:


  • Art and Music - Grade-appropriate lessons will be held during the last class session of the day in coordination with the teacher’s schedule.  Conducted as live online instruction or live online instruction with use of pre-recorded videos.  May invite pre-approved guests (unpaid) to help implement specific lessons.

  • Science - The school is implementing an expanded Mystery Science curriculum that will support all students in their science education.  Several volunteers are needed to help assemble hands-on science kits for distribution to students. Volunteers will be allowed on campus to manage supplies.

  • Physical Education - While physical education requirements have been waived this year, we still want to encourage physical exercise.  Grade-appropriate physical education lessons will be held during the last class session of the day in coordination with the teacher’s schedule. To be conducted as live online instruction, live online instruction with pre-recorded videos, and/or as self-directed activities, such as exercise logs.  May invite pre-approved guests (unpaid) to help implement specific lessons.

  • Social Activities - Grade-appropriate activities will be held during the last class session of the day in coordination with the teacher’s schedule.  Conducted as live instruction, likely using breakout rooms/small groups.  May invite pre-approved guests (unpaid) to help implement specific lessons.

Room Parents


More than ever, our dedicated teachers need our support in successfully guiding our children's educational journeys. You can play a role by volunteering as a Room Parent for your child's classroom. The responsibilities of the Room Parent may look a little different this year, at least until we're able to fully return to campus, but the role itself is just as important as always. 


Responsibilities of Room Parent:

- Create a classroom roster for families in the class

- Collect money for the classroom fund for parties and teacher appreciation gifts

- Organize Class Parties (virtual until campus reopens)

- Teacher Appreciation Day Poster (May)

- Class Art Project for the Auction (Spring)

- Plus other items requested by the teacher

- Works with the PTA’s Volunteer Coordinator


In order to guide you as you get started, we will have an introductory meeting in September (via Zoom) to help answer questions, give pointers, etc. An invitation will be sent via e-mail once volunteers are identified.


To sign up, please complete the Google Form https://forms.gle/Y8G6EDceBYaGYhA29 or email the PTA Volunteer Coordinator, Paula Culberton, at culbertonp@gmail.com with the following:

  • your full name

  • email address

  • phone number

  • teacher’s name

Questions? Please contact Paula at the email above.

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