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The mission of the Sunset Hills PTA is to "positively impact the lives of all children and families."

We are made up of the students, families, staff and administrators at Sunset Hills Elementary School in the Poway Unified School District of San Diego, California.  Our work is completed in close collaboration with the Sunset Hills Education Foundation and Sunset Hills Elementary School.   We receive our annual funding through our annual PTA memberships and the financial support of the Sunset Hills Education Foundation.

Board Meetings

Every 3rd Monday of every month at 7pm

Association Meetings are held every trimester and are open to all PTA members.

Please email us for meeting location/zoom info.

Mailing Address

Sunset Hills PTA

9291 Oviedo Street

San Diego, CA 92129

Email Address

​Connect with Us!

  • Have an idea for the PTA?

  • Have a concern that the PTA can assist with?

  • Need in person or virtual support (ex. Help with material prep, Need a Parent Volunteer in your zoom class)

  • Have any questions about PTA run programs (ex. Art, Social Games, Physical Exercise, Class Parties, Lego Club)

  • Have any questions about the PTA

  • Or have any other items to address with PTA?

Current Executive Board

Missy Lathram, President

Lexie Adamson, Executive Vice President

Anette Feldman, 2nd VP Membership

Jeanny Weir, 3rd VP Volunteers

Liz Bassett-Malkin, Secretary

Paula Culberton, Treasurer

Martine Sakow, Financial Reviewer

Miranda Lieburn, Historian

Nikki Horne, Parliamentarian

Jessica Pineda, Principal

Teacher Representative

Casey Chan-Ruthenbeck, Foundation President

What's the Difference?

What's the difference between the PTA and the Foundation at Sunset Hills?  Watch this video!

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