We are always looking for new board members, program chairs and general volunteers. 

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We are seeking assistants for some of our current program chairs with the intention that they may be able to help chair or co-chair the program for the following year. These programs are currently chaired by 5th grade families who will be leaving Sunset Hills after this school year. The Talent Show currently does not have a chair, and it is a very popular event. It may be possible to host an outdoor event off campus this year for our talent show.  

High Priority
2) Fall Festival (Assistant)
3) Science Fair (Assistant)
4) Spelling Bee (Assistant)
5) Yearbook (Assistant)

Medium Priority
1) Shoebox Science (Assistant)
2) Talent Show (1 Chair or 2 Co-Chairs) - currently no chair

Program chair responsibilities can be found here.

Volunteering Questions?  Email: volunteers@sunsethillspta.org

Program Questions? Email: programs@sunsethillspta.org

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