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In-Class Programs - 2020-2021



Perhaps more than any other time, we need people to help where they can.  We asked our teachers how we can best support them during this time.  They responded by asking us to help them in the areas where the PTA has traditionally supported them - art education, science education, physical education, and social activities. In collaboration with our school administrators, staff and teachers, while keeping in mind the limited time families have, the PTA has decided to put our energies into four main programs this school year.  They are:

  • Art and Music - In lieu of and building upon Art Odyssey, expose students to different art and music forms, artists and musicians while giving them a hands-on experience in related activity during school hours.  Executed virtually.

  • Science - Support school’s expanded Mystery Science curriculum, bringing science to all students.  Volunteers to assemble hands-on science kits for distribution to students to use at home.

  • Physical Education - Involve students in physical activities inside and outside of class hours. e.g. In-class, Online: Go Noodle, Yoga, Karate, Dance Party, gymnastics, etc..  Outside of class: Exercise logs to challenge participants to achieve more consistent, larger goals.  May use rewards like Running Club has in the past.

  • Social Activities - Involve students in virtual social games during school hours. e.g. Simon Says, in-home scavenger hunt, I-Spy, card games, Boggle, etc. 

These programs will run the entire 2020-2021 school year.

SIGN UP HERE Questions? 

Email Casey (Programs): or Paula (Volunteers):

Volunteer Positions

Chair or Co-Chairs - Responsible for overall development, organization, and execution of the Art/Music, Physical Education, or Social Activities program.  Collaborate with other team members to achieve these goals.

Art and Music Lesson Leader - Use Art and Music Program lesson provided by PTA Program Chair to further develop live zoom lesson for use in your child's classroom.  Contact teacher to schedule lesson and coordinate use of teacher's zoom account as co-host.  (Lesson should also be shared with ESS Coordinator 1 week in advance if you are in an on campus class.)  Art Program Chair will be available to assist you as needed.  Some volunteers may choose to develop pre-recorded videos for the lesson and then use a live hosted zoom session to allow kids to work together on the assigned project, followed by presenting their work.

PE Lesson Leader - Host a grade-appropriate live zoom exercise session in your child's classroom.  Either incorporate a pre-recorded exercise video or execute a live exercise activity.  Encourage the kids to participate.  Motivate them and make sure they are having fun!  Contact teacher to schedule activity and coordinate use of teacher's zoom account as co-host.  PE Program Chair will be available to assist you as needed.  

Social Activities Leader - Plan grade-appropriate social games/activities that may be implemented in your child's class.  Contact the teacher to determine needs, schedule the social activity and coordinate use of the teacher's zoom account as co-host.    Recruit additional volunteers if breakout rooms are needed.  Social Games Chair will be available to assist you as needed.

Each class will be served by their own set of lesson leaders or paired with another class.  Estimated implementation of 1 to 2 lessons per month.  Each lesson may span 2 class sessions depending on time needed.


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