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Room Parents


More than ever, our dedicated teachers need our support in successfully guiding our children's educational journeys. You can play a role by volunteering as a Room Parent for your child's classroom. The responsibilities of the Room Parent may look a little different this year, at least until we're able to fully return to campus, but the role itself is just as important as always. 

Responsibilities of Room Parent:

- Create a classroom roster for families in the class

- Collect money for the classroom fund for parties and teacher appreciation gifts

- Organize Class Parties (virtual until campus reopens)

- Teacher Appreciation Day Poster (May)

- Class Art Project for the Auction (Spring)

- Plus other items requested by the teacher

- Works with the PTA’s Volunteer Coordinator

In order to guide you as you get started, we will have an introductory meeting in September (via Zoom) to help answer questions, give pointers, etc. An invitation will be sent via e-mail once volunteers are identified.

To sign up, please complete the Google Form or email the PTA Volunteer Coordinator, Paula Culberton, at with the following:

  • your full name

  • email address

  • phone number

  • teacher’s name

Questions? Please contact Paula at the email above.


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